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Welfare Ministry

The welfare department named 'Integrity' sees to the medical needs of the church ministers and workers, and indeed other members of the church as the case may be. This department, through the welfare team composed of welfare officers, organises visitation team to visit members when such a need arises i.e. when members have babies, are bereaved, sick or on admission in the hospital, or for any reason they are not in fellowship, etc.

Children Ministries

Our children ministry occupies the first floor of the church. We have a save & comfortable learning environment for the children with experienced teachers. We remain committed to the future of our children which we believe can only be secured through a solid foundation of the knowledge of God,

Youth Ministry

A sense of belonging and support in the common developmental tasks of adolescence; A base for growth in faith, witness, self-identity, and socialization; Identity with the church and with other youth and constituencies within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) through local, district, regional and international structures and events

Dominion Voices (prayer and worship)

Our choir as with many other choir groups is not made up of professional singers but rather born-again Christians who have dedicated themselves to God, and willing to put in the work, practice, dedication, and character to ensure they and the congregation they lead will enter the presence of God.